Blog Reactions

“That post was exactly my life right now it hit home for sure. Just recently shifted my focus onto myself and not a guy. Even though I wasn’t committed I’ve always had someone around. It has been hard. And I just recently cut unnecessary male relationships off lol so definitely a work in progress by needed to read that today in particular right on time! Keep writing love, you’ll keep touching people one post at a time.”

“Morning Mani, I’ve been following your blog, but I just went through and read them all again!! Such the motivation I needed this morning. Often times there is so much people don’t understand when it comes to parenting, especially when still trying to accomplish goals and living your everyday life. You are amazing for your blog and putting the things that a lot of us are thinking into your words”

“That was probably one of my face to date! Simply because it relates to everyone and not just mommies, especially in a time like this when we all have to be closed in. I liked that you were vulnerable with readers and not afraid to share personal experiences. I have a problem facing those difficult inner battles and I’ll put those feelings off for as long as possible and then burst. I’m going to take your advice and really focus on those thoughts and process through them healthily…maybe i’ll start a journal. Keep up the good work Mani Mackk!!”

“Your last blog. Literally my whole entire feelings that I couldn’t put into words. I loveeee it and literally felt everything on a personal level. It feels good to know it’s not just a me thing! Def keep those coming.”

“I thought your article was great. So inspiring, and encouraging. It definitely gave me motivation this morning and I feel it will be a great help to other readers! Keep going, keep writing, keep pushing yourself.”

“Very well written. I’m proud of you for being able to acknowledge your weaknesses and a strategy to turn them into strengths. Definitely motivating and encouraging as these are trying times. Thanks for sharing.”

“I loved it! I could even relate a lot to it myself, especially the parts about telling yourself to just be grateful and dismissing the uncomfortable emotions.”