• Generational Curses

    Generational Curses

    Mommy Thoughts: “There is a generational blessing attached to every generational curse. Be the one to break it.”

  • Shut That Baby Up?

    Shut That Baby Up?

    Mommy thoughts: “It’s pathological to restrict the natural human characteristics of a child” (ex. play, having friends, crying, etc.) The Break: We all hate being in small spaces with strangers & a screaming baby is added to that equation, right? … Wrong! Moments like this actually intrigue me because I love watching and analyzing how…

  • 4am Thoughts: It’s Not Really A Job

    4am Thoughts: It’s Not Really A Job

    Mommy thoughts: “How often we go behind our own black curtain definitely matters. After all, you can’t improve the things you aren’t measuring.” The break: Was laying here trying to force myself to go back to sleep, but couldn’t so I decided to write. Most of the thoughts shared on this blog come from a…

  • It’s Challenging

    It’s Challenging

    Mommy thoughts: “Having a child makes it hard to let my emotions unfold naturally. Always worried about what I’m teaching my child when the reality is, allowing my emotions to operate naturally won’t do anything, but teach him how to have the best control of his.” The Break: My point in sharing my struggles in parenthood…

  • Repeated Lessons

    Repeated Lessons

    Mommy thoughts: “While I feel I have a good grip on my emotional regulation & personal coping skills, I never fail to be reminded by dark spaces, why it’s so important to simply be a good person.”

  • Today is 6/4/2020

    Today is 6/4/2020

    Today I woke up not really knowing how I feel, but knowing that a cloud was over me. I tried getting out of bed before Aiden to find a sense of peace, I tried working out despite my mind telling me to climb back in bed & sleep or cry. I tried seeking reasons I…

  • Solitude

    Solitude and its power has to be one of the most underrated things to value. I have been wondering why I feel so calm with everything going on around us in the world. It was not until I began writing that I realized exactly why I am in a state of calmness. It is in…

  • “Oh Sh*t!”

    “Oh Sh*t!”

    Kids or sponges?

  • It’s Ok To Take A Break

    It’s Ok To Take A Break

    July’s post didn’t come to me as easy as the last few months. Spent a couple days wondering if I would have to come up with an excuse as to why I didn’t write it. To hear that Georgia has some of the strictest child maltreatment and abuse laws, not due to the fact that…

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Motherhood is hard. And if you’re conquering it, I have nothing but love, gratitude, & respect for you. We live in a world where Mother’s are not readily afforded the level of respect & uplifting, as it’s deserved. Mother’s are given one of the most difficult tasks of conceiving, carrying, birthing, raising, shaping, & preparing…