Breaks We Offer

Mommy’sBreak Inc. is a nonprofit organization mainly based from Atlanta, GA and Kalamazoo, MI. However, we have additional operations worldwide.


Mommy’sBreak Inc. has dedicated Mother’s Day to adopting a mommy in need since 2017. Three mommies will be adopted a year:

May($150), August($150), & December($320)!



Mommy Homes will serve as a Transitional Housing Program. We will start with 6 mothers ages 16-21. This program is designed as a 12 month transitional time for mothers preparing for independent living. This will include various services such as coaching, mental & physical health education, transportion, time & money management, relationship building, stress elimination, job training, and more!

Saturday Drops


Since becoming a mommy, have you imagined being able to drop the kid(s) freely & go? I mean really, to be able to comfortably leave the kid(s) & go about YOUR business? Well, time is coming for Mommy’s Break!

NBA Game

Since 2022 Mommy’sBreak Inc. has sent a mommy and son duo to an NBA game in memory of losing a parent (preferably father). Mommies can be nominated annually to receive the tickets. This is to honor Darryl Gardenhire, who is the father of our board member Dairyion Gardenhire.

14 Days of Self Love

Self care challenge/giveaway during the first 14 days of February. Make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page to stay updated on the next one.



Feeding Mommies & Children

Making 25-30 home cooked meals with two hands still serves as Mommy’sBreak Inc.’s favorite fundraiser to date! During year 2, we instead provided the groceries for a family to cook Thanksgiving dinner. This project will continually grow each Thanksgiving holiday.

Merry Christmas!

Each year a single mommy will be chosen for Christmas gifts up to $320. Mommy must be nominated by someone other than self and will receive ANY items requested for children (gift cards included). Stay up to date with our social media to nominate a mom you know!

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