Who Am I?

Hello mommies!

I am a 22 year old new mom on the block! Those of you who may not know me are probably wondering “what can a 22 year old NEW mom tell me about mommy-hood that I do not already know?” Well, I may not have all the answers on how to be a mom, but that is the very reason I created MommysBreak. Since I have become a mother, my number one aspiration has been to be the best version of me for my son. I recently graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice from Grand Valley State University. I am originally from Chicago, IL but have spent most of my life here in Michigan (8 years in Kalamazoo, and 4 in Grand Rapids). I am engaged with a new baby of 2 months. My vision for MommysBreak is for moms to gain a sense of empowerment and confidence with the support of other moms. Being a mom is a day to day job that does not come with a how to manual.

Although, I am new to this job, I know that mothers frequently lack the support that they need. I wanted to create a space where support is available to all moms. Most support groups target “single moms” or “teen moms,” but I thought, what about married moms, engaged moms, moms with doubles, adoptive moms, 1st time moms, step-moms, older moms, stay at home moms, working moms. I mean I just thought, what about ALL moms. Society tends to assume that if you are not single or a teenage mother then maybe you have it all figured out and do not require extra support. I will be the first to let society know that this is untrue. I hope MommysBreak will create an outlet and/or a new found platform for moms to feel supported! Feel free to utilize my contact button on the home page, be sure to subscribe for updates, and look out for upcoming events!

Catch a break next week as I will be discussing: My personal birth story!

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